The reason

How to understand better the country you visit?

Travel is one of the pleasure of life

Traveling is owning the world

During a travel you can see the beauty of a country: landscape, monuments, historical heritage

Food and beverage are an important aspect to appreciate and understand much better a country

However, often, restaurants in touristic area upset the real taste and traditional cooking

Moreover, another interesting task of traveling, is to get in touch with real people and real day life

What is much better than to spend an evening with a family, talking and eating together

Passionate travelers, connoisseurs of the world, we developed this idea during a trip in Mauritius where we lived an exciting experience eating with a family in a village. Another interesting experience we had in Morocco, eating with a family up to the mountain

So that we decide to open our house to Florence visitors, to meet people, exchange experience and enjoy good food

Cooking is our favorite hobby and we like to talk about recipes, wines and even we could arrange small easy cooking class

You are warmly welcome at hour home


Gianni & Flavia